Embrace the Power of the Boring

I like being clever. I like being creative. I like them so much that I often try to find clever and creative fixes when tried and true solutions are available.

In some areas in my life, I think this is a great attribute. I’ve gone on some of my greatest hikes when leaving the trail and setting out to explore. Keeping to the trail can get rather dull, unpredictability can make for an awesome journey.

But sometimes when you’re setting out on the road, you aren’t looking to find a clever new route, you just want to arrive at your destination. Does taking the well worn path make for a boring journey? It certainly can. Is it effective? Hell yeah!

My new mantra is: Embracing the Power of the Boring!

What’s the power of the boring? It’s understanding that while your path is unique, there are others who have walked similar paths to great success. Many of them have been generous enough to make a map of all the pitfalls you’ll reach. Following the map has none of the fun factor of bushwacking, uses little of your personal creativity, and can make for a rather uninteresting journey.

So you must ask yourself, what are the areas of my life where I want excitement on the journey, and what are the areas where you prefer to safely reach your destination?

In those areas where I just want to safely reach my destination (business and finances are two of these) I’ve begun spending an hour a day reading, watching videos, taking courses from those who’ve had more success than myself, then following the steps they’ve given me.

Following this path has been a huge blow to my ego. I’m no longer the clever guy who can figure it all out, who spots the shortcuts no one else notices. I’m now the dumb kid, struggling through remedial math. But I’m not sitting in the back sneaking smokes, I’m sitting in the front row taking notes, knowing this is just a step on a greater path.

I invite to to join me and Embrace the Power of the Boring in crucial areas of your life. Become more committed to reaching your destination than having fun along the way, and I’m certain you’ll get there.

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