Singing in the Month with Joy

Today is both the first of the Jewish month of Kislev and the first of December. It’s not often that the firsts of the months coincide. Other than New Year’s Day and April Fool’s Day, I can’t think of anything special that we associate with the start of the months in the secular calendar. However in the Jewish calendar, the first of every month is a time of celebration.

This morning, we sang Hallel, songs of praise, and we sang them accompanied with guitars and dancing. The energy of 25 men singing and dancing together opened the month on an energetic high.

In Judaism, we put tremendous emphasis on the energy with which we enter into new beginnings, as this energy can impact all that comes afterwards. This is especially true with weddings, when we say it’s essential for the guests to bring joy to the bride and groom. By heightening their joy at the beginning of the marriage, we’re hoping to strengthen the rest of their lives together.

So I’m feeling great this morning after a high energy beginning to the Jewish month. I’d like to bless everyone with an incredible month, and to plant the seed to bring intention into all of your beginnings.

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