Meet the Authors

Dave Mason & Mike Feuer

dave_1 smallDave Mason is a Social Entrepreneur, Rabbi, and Business Strategist. Dave describes himself as a curious soul, always seeking to discover new understandings of the world. His journeys have taken him through over twenty countries, and into jobs as varied as environmental litigator for the Natural Resources Defense Council, personal assistant to the current Interpol Secretary General, and CEO of an Ecommerce Network.

Born in Connecticut in 1974, Dave now lives with his family in the eclectic Nachlaot neighborhood of Jerusalem. There he spends half of each day exploring the ancient wisdom in the Jewish tradition and writing his books, and the other half devoted to family and his business ventures.

mike_1 smallMike Feuer shies away from the title co-author, preferring to be called creative co-conspirator instead. He and Dave have lived bizarrely parallel lives. Born just four days apart, they were classmates at Colorado College, where they vaguely remember one another. After college, both made their way to Israel and threw themselves into studies of traditional Jewish texts. They finally met one another almost fifteen years after first starting school together, when they became two of the founders of a new institution in Jerusalem, Sulam Yaakov, where they each did their Rabbinic training. Dave Mason began The Age of Prophecy almost six years before the publication of the first book, The Lamp of Darkness. Several years into the work, he asked Mike to come on as a research assistant, drawing on Mike’s vast knowledge of subjects ranging from geology, to ancient history, to textual analysis. When Mike’s work greatly exceeded Dave’s expectations, Dave bumped him up to c0-author status.

Immerse Yourself in the World of

The Prophets

In this overview video, author Dave Mason recounts the key stories of the prophets from the creation of the world to the dawn of book 1.


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