In order to maintain the ancient Hebrew flavor of the book, we have used many terms transliterated from their original Hebrew rather than translated into English. This is particularly true regarding names. The English names we use for most Biblical characters and places have been translated at least twice, from the original Hebrew to Greek to English. For instance, the city Jerusalem in Hebrew is pronounced Yerushalayim, and in fact, there in fact is no “J” sound in ancient Hebrew at all. If you’re not sure what a certain word means, you’ll most likely find it on the following list. If there’s a word you’re looking for that does not appear, please let us know via our feedback page and we’ll do our best to add it.

Ahav: Also known as Ahab.
Am Yisrael: The nation of Israel.
Avdei Canaanim: Non-Israelite slaves (plural).
Avadim Ivrim: Israelite slaves (plural).
Binyamin: Also known as Benjamin.
Bnei Nevi’im: Literally the children of the prophets, figuratively their students.
Dvekut: Cleaving to the Divine.
Eliyahu: Also known as Elijah.
Emek HaAsefa: Literally, the valley of gathering. A fictional location.
Eved: Slave.
Eved Canaani: A non-Israelite slave.
Eved Ivri: An Israelite slave.
Halil: A straight flute.
Hevron: Also known as Hebron.
Ish Elokim: A man of G-d.
Izevel: Also known as Jezebel or Isabel.
Kohanim: Priests (plural).
Kohen: A Priest.
Kinnor: An instrument that most resembles an ancient lyre.
Labneh: A sour, liquidy cheese.
Malkosh: The late rains.
Matnat Ro’im: The shepherd’s gift.
Navi: Prophet.
Navi’im: Prophets.
Navua: Prophecy.
Nefesh: The lowest level of the soul.
Neshama: A higher level of the soul.
Nevel: An instrument that most resembles an ancient harp.
Nigun: A melody, usually without words.
Niggunim: Plural of Nigun.
Pesach: Passover.
Shalom: Peace.
Shavuot: Also known as Pentecost or the Feast of Weeks.
Shomron: Also known as Samaria.
Sukkah: The temporary huts built during the festival of Sukkot.
Sukkot: The festival when we build and live in temporary huts.
Tefillah: Prayer.
Tikun: Fixing.
Totafot: Also known as Tefillin or Phylacteries.
Yericho: Also known as Jericho.
Yerushalyaim: Also known as Jerusalem.
Yisrael: Also known as Israel.
Yoreh: The early rains.
Yovel: The fiftieth year, called Jubilee year in English.

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